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In The Silence
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Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Oct-16-2008 11:19

Makensie has been around awhile in Sleuthville, minus the long break she took for a much needed vacation, and she remembers this place to be alot of hustle and bustle, detectives walking all over the place, working on their current case. Now, she knows that times do change, and it is still a wonderful place, but, dammit, she wants to get this place hoppin' again.

She walks along the sidewalk, starts to take out a cigarette, then looks at it, decides she is done smoking,until the next time she gets the urge, and flips the unlit cigarette on the ground.

"That'll cost ya, Ms Brewer", a male voice says. Oh BROTHER, what NOW, she thinks, as she rolls her eyes, turning toward the voice. "Shady, you miserable bastard. What, are you charging for littering now?", Makensie says. Shady laughs in his disgusting, husky, smoke-too-many-cigarettes laugh, and replies, "You are the law arent you, Ms Brewer? Do you like breaking your own laws?" Makensie laughed, and says, "I dont give a rats ASS who throws what on the ground, Im too busy doing other things" He looks at her, smiles, saying, "Yes, like working toward trying to pay your falsie off. Oh I just love to see you detectives running around working your ass for ME." He turns from side to side, then says, "Hmmm, doesnt seem to be as busy though. Could it be that I finally broke every detective of their money? Is it possible I ran them straight out of business? Wouldn't that be a pity?" Makensie frowns, and says, "In your dreams, you slime ball"

"Yes, in your dreams, slime ball", a female voice says behind him. A shot rang out, as Makensie jumped in surprise and shock, & starts looking behind Shady to see who got shot. Then, all of a sudden, Shady looks at Makensie, and says, "I've been hit! I cant believe it...some twerp actually shot the person who is needed so much!" Makensie growls, not wanting to save this idiot, but he was right, we do need him, even if we hate to admit it, so, she runs to a pay


luc pfeiffer
luc pfeiffer

Dec-9-2008 13:10

Luc decided to take the subway home after being grilled for several hours by the police on what he'd seen and done. Walking home was too risky for having some other misadventure occur and he was tired. Fortunately, the walk from the station to his apartment building was uneventful; and when he arrived at the front of his building, he decided that he just wasn't in the mood to go up to his flat yet. So he turned around and headed to the Tricky Mister.

He ordered a beer and started talking to Cyrus, the Bartender. He thought that Cyrus should know that his friend was alive, if not exactly well. Cyrus' normal inscrutable expression changed only a millimeter, if that; but he did reply back that he would pass the word around. Luc then asked Cyrus to try to get a message to Makensie Brewer. While Luc didn't know who the head honcho she was looking for was, I did know that he was employing at least one person who had a BIG hankering for peanuts. So maybe that would stir a memory or give her a new lead.

After he finished his beer, Luc headed home. Since he hadn't had any sleep for a couple of days, he full expected that another character like the Bonelady would coming banging down his door at 3 a.m. Hopefully he could get at least a couple hours sleep before the next calamity came barreling into his life.

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