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Sleuth About Town

Oct-14-2008 10:06

A legendary player finally makes it to the 10 mil club!

Ctown28 has taken 4+ years to get above 10 Million. He has finally graced the club members with his presence. They had a long wait for him to show his face. (and they'll be waiting longer for me to show

A BIG round of applause for my very sweet co-director, Ctown!


Congratulations, Ctown! You have finally arrived at 10 Million. Here's to 10 more.

Not only that, but you get to wait for me, now too. :-D


Pinball Amateur

Oct-21-2008 00:18

Good job, Bud!! Now do it again! ;-P

(and Missy says Mwrr too!! ;-)

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