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New Idea (Not Mine)

Tireless Tiger

Oct-13-2008 08:37

I mentioned this on the radio show but ran out of time to talk about. It's a new idea for the game that was passed along to me by shell marple, what do you all think:

I think if Noir ever does something like create a new level...say where you need to have x amount of exp. , x amount of money, and carrying items from the game, the prince, the ship and the pyrimid shoes to gain access. And then you enter that next level you are naked, without money, no skills, and experience of 0 at level 2 , that might intrest me... next have new cities, and townies. Make the cases more difficult by having 5 or 6 pieces of evidence with 2 pieces belonging to 2 individuals with fake alibis, then have one or two more steps before you can figure out the guilty party. Also only have 12 cases a day, but have it so you can play at level 1 the current game with all skills and equip. you have or at level 2 with those skills and equipment, or split your case load up between those two levels , or split your case load up between those two levels anyway you see fit..
Of course you would have to create new agencies in level two no carry overs.. And a new type of treasure hunt.



Apr-6-2009 15:24

While I don't see anything like this actually happening any time soon, I thought it was an interesting idea to kick around and perhaps refine. Just because I like to do that type of thing. :-)

I think that it would be cool to have a whole new level of the game that you can't access until you've accomplished certain tasks in the existing game. And perhaps the final task would be a fairly complicated mission that, at the end, grants access to the "new world".

Basically, the new level cities and items and so forth would actually just be the same Noir (so people are familiar with it) but with some differences in game play to make it interesting.

Obviously, the main issue is the time it would take to create something like this. But if it could be done, what type of stuff would we actually want to see in a "new world"?

Old Shoe

Apr-6-2009 19:53

The biggest problem I see with this is the mountains of coding you would have to do. I mean a whole new world!? Maybe this could be the 2012 Olympic release.

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