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The Bejeweled Songbird

Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin
Tale Spinner

Sep-23-2008 10:27

The Bejeweled Songbird, a fantastic new scripted mystery is now featured in New York. This one an old-fashioned puzzler involving a glamorous chanteuse and her missing jewels.

Thanks to the ever productive Anikka for exchanging her editors scissors for the author's pen. And thanks to Secret Squirrel / Paranoid Android who did the editing duties.



miss snopes
miss snopes
Special Deliverance

Sep-24-2008 10:30

Way to go Ani!!!! Wherever do you find the time? ;-)

I can't wait to play it!!

Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

Sep-24-2008 15:43

Very nice job Ani! I loved it!

Sleuth About Town

Sep-25-2008 08:35

That was a good one, Ani. Thanks.
It was fun. :-)


Sep-26-2008 13:43

Thanks, I'm glad you guys liked it. :-) Okay, gotta go now. It's about time to cast another "freeze Time" spell.

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