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Sleuths Revolving Door
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Gopher to the Sleuth Gods

Sep-13-2008 23:17

I’ve been biting my tongue on this for a long time. Mostly because I’m indicting myself.
What I liked about Sleuth before I subbed……and what influenced me to subscribe was that I earned things. I earned skill points and I could buy gear when I earned enough money. Eventually I wanted to travel so I subbed, that was fun-- I traveled. But before long I wanted more. I joined an agency. That was great…I built myself up, I joined the Tea Steepers, did a lot of sleuthing and eventually Stooby and I created Endeavour Investigations.

All that said, if we want to think about why people don’t STAY with Sleuth I think I have an insight to that. I’m guilty of this myself…we are too helpful.

There are newbies wearing Villan Hunt Reward gear. How can they get excited about the game if everything is given to them? Like I said, I’m guilty of this myself.

For me the best part of the game was that I did all those favors and went back and forth to the tea steepers bringing them what they wanted to keep them pirates off my back, and when I captured a villian I chose my reward because I earned it. What makes it good is earning the bling, not having it given to you.

State the obvious: Once you have the goodies the thrill is gone.


miss snopes
miss snopes
Special Deliverance

Sep-17-2008 09:31

Me and you both Razamatazz!

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