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How to attract more people to Sleuth?
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Old Shoe

Sep-11-2008 06:07

If we could name one simple thing to do in Sleuth Noir, to attract more people to start playing or continue playing Sleuht Noir, what would that be?
I am asking here for things that hopefully would be little effort - much gain. Also, because I guess it would be easier to ask Ben for small-effort things, rather than big-effort things.....
And, I really want us to start growing again. Growing in numbers, growing in happiness and fun. Hopefully making more people feel included in the community.
Where do we put the focus?


Tireless Tiger

Sep-22-2008 15:50

I agree with you on most of this Rosa. Especially the part of it being in Bens hands. But I don't want to think the efforts put forth by some of us have been for naught. I try to do what I can to keep interest up and will continue to do so. we have gotten some feedback from Ben taht things will get better, just not as quick as some would like. That's where it can get frustrating.

I guess the one thing I don't want to see is people stop posting ideas and such. I think there have been some good ideas thrown about and of course Ben has the final say in the matter. Eventually one of them would have to be implemeneted. At least I'd hope so! Look how long it took for the Sleuthetania to come to fruition.

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