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Into their Past...CONTEST
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Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

Sep-5-2008 16:23

Hello fellow sleuthers! It seems to have been a while since we’ve had a contest. We here at Blue Pagoda have come up with a little one for those who have a few minutes to spare between Sleuthing, real life, and Villain Hunting.

We would like you to choose ONE of the four candidates and write their bio for us. Their names or faces are known throughout Sleuthville, but we know so little about them. So, delve into their past and tell us what you think happened to bring them to where they are today in Sleuthville. Your choices are: Big Lucy, Shady, Larry the Toe, and the Magnifying Glass Lady who introduces the Faction twist.

1. Spelling and Grammar DO count.
2. The limit is 3000 characters, which is the Bio limit for every detective. (You can see if it fits on your detective bio before you post your entry here.)
3. It must be in the time frame of Sleuth Noir, around 1920.
4. One entry per detective, writing their own entry. Proofreaders are fine. Collaborators are not.
5. Open to subbed and unsubbed

1. First Place -" a special prize" by the Sleuth Admin or $50,000 sleuth dollars
6 month subscription to unsubscribed player
2. Second Place - $25,000 sleuth dollars
3 month gift subscription to unsubscribed player
3. Third Place - $10,000 sleuth dollars
1 month gift subscription to unsubscriped player

October 9, 2008 at 23:99 sleuth server time.

Will be announced after their decisions have been made. Volunteers are welcome. Please PM Lady Jas if you are interested in judging!


Lucky Stiff

Nov-9-2008 07:13

Perhaps an invisible cloak? :P

Hairlock Bones
Hairlock Bones

Nov-10-2008 15:36

*disables cloaking device* :P

Nope, no invisible cloak, no nothing as yet!

I know Ben is busy so I'm happily waiting to see if anything materialises. If not I think Lady Jas will give me an item which will still be pretty useful for me but not so exciting for all of you!

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