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Question about strategy from a slow thinker
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Old Shoe

Sep-5-2008 13:57

Suddenly a thought dawned to me....
I want you to check if I might be correct.

If I happen to work on a case with 4 evidences, and I of some strange reason know or expect the case to have 3 suspects with real alibies.... - and I have another two suspects that don't match any of the alibies....

Then I don't have to check the alibi on those who don't match any evidence, because I know they will be fake? Those 3 real alibies must be among the other suspects that might match an evidence?

Are anyone able to help me confirm or tell this is a wrong conclusion? Don't ask me how I get that strange idea that the case might have 3 suspects with real alibi though, because that's a secret I would like to hide, it's some kind of magic I do to the case ;-)


Lucky Stiff

Sep-7-2008 09:15

Well since there is a way to check how many suspects you should have in total, then you can work out how many suspects there are with fake and real alibis. So if you can work out that there's only 3 real alibis and you have 4 pieces of evidence, then Huglover's got it right.

Cordelia Falco
Cordelia Falco
Battered Shoe

Sep-8-2008 10:28

I think this has been expressed somewhere else on these boards as the rule you can apply when you know you have four pieces of evidence and the minimum number of suspects, though I think it may only apply to IH cases and above. In these cases, you know that every person with a real alibi will have a piece of PE, so yes, if a suspect cannot be linked with any of the PE then you know they have a fake alibi.

It's got me out of a tight corner in AI cases a few times.

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