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Can't choose who to accuse!
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Julianna Blackwick
Julianna Blackwick

Aug-26-2008 11:51

In my latest case that I'm doing for the Bartender, I have two suspects who I can't decide who to accuse.

One has a bloody footprint against them, and that someone said they saw her with the murder weapon.
The other has thread against them, and someone else said the suspect made a previous attempt on killing the suspect.

I'm having trouble deciding who to accuse, and no other suspect is talking (especially the two above - go figure) and I can't ask anyone else.

I really don't want to accuse the wrong person, because I already have 2 false accusations on my record, and I don't want to retire. But I need money so I can remove those two false accusations off my record (stupid Shady Character).

Any advise?



Aug-26-2008 18:18

Quitting does not count against you and is the wisest thing you can do when faced with the situation you had.

Good luck, and always remember the wisdom of CFM (as posted above).

Vampiric Smile
Vampiric Smile
Safety Officer

Aug-27-2008 09:21

Learn to quit ! Will save you money!

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