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Pic loading problems??
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Jesse Hunter
Jesse Hunter
Santa's Little Helper

Jul-20-2008 10:09

Anyone else having difficulties with images loading?

Several profile and townie pics just simply refuse to show themselves to me today. I thought it might be my internet connection, but all other sites are loading fine and the lost images are consistently the same ones (the rest are fine).


Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin
Tale Spinner

Jul-20-2008 14:14

Hi all,

As Jojo noted, all Sleuth images are hosted on Amazon's Simple Storage Service, which usually works well for that purpose (and at a reasonable cost). Unfortunately, the service is down right now, so I've had to switch over image hosting to our main web server. Images will probably load a little slower than usual, but you're probably not likely to notice a big difference either way.

This will be a bigger issue for Shades of Mystery, but I'll try to work out a similar solution there.

Sorry for the inconvenience. (And thanks Jojo and CTown for helping to keep everybody informed on the situation).

Old Shoe

Jul-20-2008 14:19

Thank you Admin :-)
It's now working wonderfully :-))

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