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Bad Luck or just bad skill choice?
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Carlita Bastinada
Carlita Bastinada

Jul-5-2008 22:13

I've had to quit two favor cases in a row and nearly had to quit another regular case but lucked out at the last minute.

I am not sure what I am doing wrong but everyone clammed up so quick and the first I had no PE and the second only one PE and none of the Fake alibis fit it.

I tend to try to leave WE to only when there's no other option.

I'm planning on getting research next, but it has surprised me how little success I have had with intimidation/interrogation.

Have I just had a string of bad luck? The favors were both intermediate.


Lucky Stiff

Jul-5-2008 23:43

If you're getting none or one piece of evidence that means you don't have the right skills, you need to have thread analysis and hair analysis to be able to find all the evidence. You should get these before getting any other skills. If you have these and find that ppl are still clammin up too fast, try doing some easier cases until you get enough skill points to get more skills.

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