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Suspects giving motives
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Jul-2-2008 07:29

When asking the question "do you know anyone who had a motive to commit this crime?" are these suspects more likely to give a witness evidence to one of the names they give?


Brady Quinn
Brady Quinn
Big Winner

Jul-13-2008 16:14

I had a hard time figuring this one out as well. I think waht she is asking here is that if you ask someone if tehy know who has a motive for the crime, and they say yes

Bill is mad because the victim forgot his birthday

Sue is mad because he owed her money

Would the current suspect be more likely to say yes I think Sue did it because I saw her leave with the murder weapon.

To answer your question squeeze, I don't think that is the case, like Carlita said, the way to figure it out is by asking the townies. I always start my cases by going to my contact and asking them if they heard anything.

Hope that helps

Cordelia Falco
Cordelia Falco
Battered Shoe

Jul-14-2008 12:11

To put it another way, do you mean that if Sue is the murderer then the suspects who gave Sue's motive are more likely to have the WE against her?

If so I'd have to go with Brady and Carlita and say no, it's random.

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