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Change Det. Background Information

Sra. Omeris
Sra. Omeris

Jun-20-2008 16:41

Hello. I choosed the option to have a "preset" background which in this case was something about a journalist.

Is there a way in which tha can be changed to something else?

Thank you in advance!



Jun-20-2008 17:28

To the best of my knowledge, once you have a background, it's permanent.

However, since you are unsubscribed (haven't yet spent money), are only a day old, and don't have much experience, you can certainly restart. You won't be able to use the same name, but at least you would have the background you want.

Lucky Stiff

Jun-20-2008 20:39

As far as I am aware also, your background and name are permanent. However, the fact that your background is a reporter doesn't influence gameplay at all.

What does influence gameplay to a certain extent is your archetype (in your case, smart and charming) which is based on your background... if it's this that you wanna change, then do what Anikka suggested.

Sra. Omeris
Sra. Omeris

Jun-23-2008 06:56

Thank you both for the information. I will take that as a previous career which didn't happen to be my best therefore I became a detective! :-) Once again, Gracias!!!!

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