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Scripted Mystery Question


Jun-19-2008 01:49

I am playing a SM right now and I got stuck, so I went to the handy dandy Sleuth Tips to get myself unstuck. I have done everything I was supposed to do, and it said to research the case next to unlock more suspects, but it won't let me research. It just says that I need more info first. I have done everything I need to do, I have no more questions to ask suspects or townies... what do I do?

I have done everything necessary to unlock the research, it just isn't opening.



Yarn Weaver

Jun-22-2008 18:39

Which scripted mystery are you playing?

miss snopes
miss snopes
The Tome Ranger

Jun-25-2008 17:12

Ariadne, were you playing An Unconscious Murder in New York by chance?

I had the same thing happen to me twice on that one before it finally worked on my 3rd try. Of course, that was several months ago when I played it.

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