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Demoting an Director


Jun-11-2008 13:52

I have a director that has not logged on since March (now unsub too). I have wrote to the admin several times to demote the director. I have not heard anything back. Is there a new person we are suppose to contact regarding this?

I know Admin is busy, but I always hear back from him. This has been a few months now; so I was not sure if someone else was suppose to be contacted.

Just asking for some direction.

No problem if it is just that u are busy admin:)
Just making sure I did not miss a new protocol. I have not been as active lately:)

Thanks in advance!!!


Gopher to the Sleuth Gods

Jun-11-2008 14:02

I looked up some old posts, unless something has changed only the Admin can do that for you.

What if, though, an agency packed up and left town. I should think the unsubbed director would be left behind. Then perhaps you could move back to your original city. Does someone know if this would work? Would said agency lose their fame points/position upon returning to original city?

Tireless Tiger

Jun-11-2008 16:58

The unsubbed Director would still be a director. Moving the agency does not kick people out, you only lose anything that was in the case files. He would remain in the same city but would be a director none the less.

Hawkeye Harris
Hawkeye Harris
Battered Shoe

Jun-11-2008 18:45

So true, ctown, so true...

But I like yourlogic, Sophie!

(Hawkeye checks all of the agency offices to be sure no one is packing their bags :D)

Old Shoe

Aug-2-2008 12:12


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