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How do you suscribe overseas?
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Jun-7-2008 03:04

Hi Sleuths,

I'm not from the USA and I can't understand paypal. So please, if you can just tell me how to subscribe in small words it will be areal help to me.



Jun-11-2008 02:35

hi bing,

first of all:
1) u register in
2) u enter your credit card information to be use with your paypal account
3) u will receive a call from your credit card company, to confirm that you've created a paypal account (paypal charge USD1.95 for registration purpose)
4) login into sleuth, click "subscribe now", then u will be prompt to login into paypal.
5) check all information, choose the correct credit card (assume if u have more than 1 credit card no registered with paypal), then click pay. (make sure u check your email address to confirm your payment)
6) u will need to re-login into sleuth.
7) check your detective, u should be able to see a box saying "Subscription Renew Date: "

^_^ Enjoy

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