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A new kind of twist?
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Old Shoe

May-26-2008 10:53

This is a suggestion for an extension of Sleuth, bringing in a new kind of twist...
This twist will work kind of equal to Larry, but in another city...
- may be Shanghai?
In this twist you will be meeting a begger, who ask for money.
- in the end of the case you may choose to pay the begger or not.
Paying the begger is kind of chance game, as it might be that this is a begger of the type thief, and hence you loose an item....
But, this begger also can become very thankful of your help and give you something useful in return.
This useful things can be things like
* An extra favor (out of turn compared to the others, even a favor where you can choose one of two or three people to get the favor by)
* An address to a secret place where you can find a key or something in a TH.... (this may be will make any TH devillish difficult to finish if this is something that just appear randomly after you get this special twist)
* One more evidence in the next x case(s) you open (so that there are the ordinary evidences in the case, and one more who will give the killer, making an awful case in your case file easier to solve)
* One more contact (randomly chosen?) in the next x case(s) you open (also making an awful case in your case file easier to solve)
- x may be a number between 1 and 5?

I think that this idea would be fairly easy to implement, but it will make the game a little less predictable, and in my opinion it will make the game a little more interesting as well.
- The out of turn favor, will make TH's even more a game of luck, as someone in an agency might get this out of turn favor, and from his daily cases get 5 rather than 4 favors that day...
- The fact that this is a special twist, makes it interesting because there is even more to look out for.
- The temporary extra contact will be of great help, especially in new agencies, where you don't have all the contacts, and the case files seem to clam up.
What do you others think?



May-28-2008 07:51

Hello :) I'm fairly new so please tell me if this has been suggested.

What if we can have unique twists/advantages depending on your contact?

For example, if your contact is the fortune teller, you can have either one of these randomly generated twists forever (or per case) that is related to the profession of the contact:
- Free crystal ball readings
- Some additional smart points (I'm thinking of the marwadi pagdi)
- You get a zodiac reading for the day (not helpful to cases though, unless it helps to point out an additional direction for evidences)

And let's say shoemaker:
- High chance to get better footwear when doing favors or solving cases.
- Higher chance to find a suspect in hiding (becase "more footwork" is always mentioned)
- Chance to know whether the footprint is a male or female shoe footprint.

- Extra charm/toughness points.
- Less chances of suspects clamming (less they get damned by God!)
- Bring clammed suspect out to dinner to coax them to open up. (Like an additional "surveillance" chance.)
- Higher chances of better clothes per favor or case.

And so on and so forth. :) What do you think?

Old Shoe

May-28-2008 09:04

Allengu: I am not that old either, but I really liked your suggestions :-)


May-28-2008 18:59

Thanks Huglover :) I guess it's like adding a sense of Sleuth being a more interactive and dynamic MMORPG. After a couple of AVH and Secret #2, I'm starting to slow down as well and starting to focus on real-life things, lol!

Vampiric Smile
Vampiric Smile
Safety Officer

May-29-2008 10:45

So many good ideas and ... silence from the Administration!
Anyone has any idea when the new add on will appear?

Tireless Tiger

May-29-2008 12:13

If you look in City Hall, you will see the Slethetania will launch Sat June 14, from NY


May-31-2008 12:53

I asked Ben about writting twists and endings a while ago, I thought if they could link an intro, twist and ending it may make the randoms more fun to read. But the twists and endings are Sunny's department (according to Ben at the time) and there's no plans to open it up for anyone else to help out.

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