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Editors, Mods, etc. PLEASE READ!
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May-16-2008 17:51

I am new, and want to know everything about the game. I have a burning question though, actually two:

1. How did you become editor/mod/etc.?
2. I just wrote an intro and beside it it says "No". What does that mean?

Thank you for your time and contribution to sleuth.



May-17-2008 05:06

Thank you! I think I'll go revise my intro right now!

Sleuth About Town

May-17-2008 07:46

As for the intro, it will take a while for the Editors to review it. They are usually pretty good in communicating with the authors if/when it has been deleted and/or if they'd like you to fix some things on there.


May-17-2008 10:11

Saint Grace,
Admin hand picks mods and editors. As for your intro, it has not been rejected. It just hasn't been approved. Since Anni came along, the waits are much shorter though. :)

Lucky Stiff

May-20-2008 03:45

Hi SaintGrace,

I just saw this entry by Anikka over on the Writers' Workshop board, it expands on the answers already given in this thread:

[Post History]

May-19-2008 12:19

Authors of rejected intros are usually sent a PM explaining why they were rejected (I can't speak for every editor, but I'm pretty sure most of us do send a note).

When you look at your list of intros, if they say "No" next to them and you have not received a PM from an editor, then they most likely have not been reviewed yet. If they have not been reviewed, it is because we haven't gotten to it yet.

If it has been reviewed and something needs to be fixed (for example: coding tags done improperly or not at all, glitches in the story, etc.), a PM will be sent to you explaining what needs to be fixed. In most cases, if these things are minor (say, most tags are correct but one is not), we just fix them ourselves.

In any case, please have patience. The editors work on intros and scripted mysteries as their time permits. It may take a bit, but we WILL get to it. In the meantime, double-checking your work never hurts! During a re-read, you may find something you want to change, add, remove, or otherwise improve, and you cannot do so after the intro is accepted."

Good luck with your writing!

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