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Daily Trivia Challenge!
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Old Shoe

May-14-2008 06:58

Competitive, fearless, think you're a bright know-it-all?

Me neither...

So I created one of those free quiz game pass the time while hopelessly gerrin' bogged down in Shanghai.

It probably won't work, but here's the URL

Hope this is allowed :)

Some queries you may have - can't cheat by creating multiple accounts.
A random general knowledge quiz or "fun bag!!" everyday.
It's unavoidably weighted to American Culture.
I don't actually know the answers.


Lucky Stiff

May-27-2008 08:54

Yeah, if Ctown can do it, it must be REALLY easy! :P

Old Shoe

Jun-1-2008 14:51

Proof that the typical sleuth player is smarter than the average bear, here's the top ten results for May:-

1. Trusty (192 points, 2 wins)
2. Cordy (173 points, 5 wins)
3. ctown28 (170 points, 2 wins)
4. topkebab (169 points, 1 wins)
5. JBauer (130 points, 2 wins)
6. serenissima (130 points, 1 wins)
7. BabyBunny (120 points, 0 wins)
8. Missy (118 points, 0 wins)
9. Shady (107 points, 1 wins)
10. Tori (104 points, 1 wins)

Thanks to all that gave it a go. A new game for June is now open :)


Jun-2-2008 19:48

I just discoverd this. Thanks for yet another online diversion- liek Sleuth wasn't enough!

Seriously- it was fun!

Tantra Mantra
Tantra Mantra

Jul-20-2008 01:01


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