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PEs and PE Contacts


May-13-2008 23:14

I have a few questions:

1. When my contact is the Tailor, then should I buy the advanced (or any other) thread analysis?

2. Undepending on my skills, will I find a PE what points to the guilty suspect? For instance, when at the beginning I only had footprint analysis, then the PE what points to the guilty suspect wa always a footprint? Or I just couldn't find it?

+1: What is Flirting good for?

Thanks for the answers!


Lucky Stiff

May-13-2008 23:54

Hi Lucika,

Answers in reverse:

2. You need to buy Hair analysis and Thread Analysis to be able to find all evidence at the scene. If you do not have these then in some cases you won't find all the evidence and won't be able to solve the case because of it.

The other analysis skills (Advanced Thread, Advance Hair, Footprint, Handwriting) will just allow you to determine the characteristics of the evidence e.g. right/left handed, curly/straight hair. But this success depends on the +smarts of your equipment.

1. You may consider that since the tailor will answer an unlimited number of questions for you, then it is unnecessary to buy advanced thread analysis. This is fine if you are planning to stay in NY, or you invest the time to gain the thread contact in all cities (a little search through the boards should tell you how to do that). If not, you will find it a bit harder in the cities where you have a different PE contact.

Flirting 7 Increases likelihood of success when using Sweet Talking or Rule Bending on a member of the opposite sex
i.e. in certain cases suspects or townies are more likely to answer you

Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

May-14-2008 07:49

Im with topkebab on this, if you do plan on subscribing and travelling, its worth it to get adv. thread analysis as you wont have help from your tailor contact in NY!


May-16-2008 07:40

And never forget Luckia-Buckia:

PE+Fake/"none of your business" Alibi=guilty
WE+Fake/"none of your business" Alibi=guilty
2 WE = guilty

PE=Physical Evidence WE=Witness Evidence

Having a clammed suspect that will not give you an alibi is not the same as a fake/none alibi.


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