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Calculate Skill Points


May-11-2008 16:35

I apologize if this has been answered before. I am unsubscribed having accumulated 1630 experience. I want to get Research and the Analysis skills. I have access to try the RRH cases, but have been sticking to Intermediate and Hard cases, because I don't have the skills to solve the harder cases.

How can I determine when I might earn skill points if I am solving Intermediate and Hard cases?



Pinball Amateur

May-11-2008 17:52

I don't know if anyone's figured out the scale for gaining skill points at the lower levels. I can tell you that at the advanced levels (above 100k exp.), skill points come every 40-50,000 exp. points. It shouldn't take more than a few hundred, I suspect, to get a skill point at your level. The problem is that Intermediate cases are worth 40 points, Hard are only worth 80. So it may take some time to get there. Keep at it! ;-)

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