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May-6-2008 11:16

Well, here we go again! Let's write funny articles about the nice world of Sleuth!



May-6-2008 11:26

As an example:

Interview with Thaddeus Kobayashi

Its pretty incredible what a charming design became the new fashion!
Plaid scarf with suede shoes and jade bracelet! Being smart or tough became sticky and useless when everyone wants charming detectives and townies and suspects!
Mr. Kobayashi gave some fantastic ideas about the expansion of the new fashion:
- We need nice clothing, too! It is good to have charming accesories such as felt hats and sword canes, but no one talks about shoes nor clothing! I really prefer red suedes for instance. Personally, I'd like to create more of my fantastic Crushed Velvet Smoking Jackets! For a week, I'll even give discount, too!

We, at Sleuth News, are happy to introduce the newest set at Dies Arcanum Brotherhood in the name of Charm: Crushed Velvet Smoking Jacket with Red Suede and silver handed cane and grey umbrellas!
Maria Seaver's fantastic idea is to by the santa hat in the detective shop, to fulfill the quest of being nice! Thanks for the idea!

That's all for today from Sleuth News.

Lady Guardian
Lady Guardian

May-6-2008 21:12

Why DID the Chicken Cross The Road?!
Interviews with Farmer John John and I.A.Chicken

Is it just a joke? A good question considering the recent chicken incidents. For the past week, chickens have been seen crossing roads all over the world, some of them make it to other side and disappear, and some of them don't.
When we asked Chicken Specialist, Farmer John John, why the sudden road-crossing chicken increase, he told us "How should I know how chickens think, it would be better to ask Mr.Chicken that."
Finding this Mr. I.A.Chicken character was hard but we did manage to finally track him down in a penthouse in New York and asked him the same question we did Farmer John John and Mr.Chicken replied "SQUAWK!
The chickens, world round have heard tell there's something on the other side of the road.
It's been a chicken myth for many centuries but recently...
Oh, terribly sorry about that.
Recently chickens have been getting the urge to cross the road.
Mr.Chicken then told us that even he'd been getting the urge but since he was a man dressed up as a chicken, it wasn't very strong.

So there you have it, is it just a joke or perhaps an old chicken myth or is it just a load of chicken-CENSORED-!

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