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The Role Playing Anything and Everything Thread
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Sleuth About Town

Apr-30-2008 23:59

Lil put up a sign, saying, "This is where we come up with a story and it ought to focus on something other than fellow detectives." on her front window. She had just opened up a pub where all kinds of characters could enter and talk about anything and everything.


Tireless Tiger

May-1-2008 20:39

Ctown entered the pub, he felt a little bit underdressed as he was a bit of a mess from an earlier altercation that he had, but he needed to go somewhere to just relax.

Upon entering he looked up at what seemed to be a freshly hung sign, he begin squinting at it, but couldn't quite make out what it said.

"Oh well," he thought to himself, "if it's important I'm sure soemone will let me know"

He made his way over to the bar and sat down with the treat that he had brought in with himself, a homemade coconut cream pie. No sooner did he begin to start eating, Lil came unning over.

"Ctown, can't you read? What does that sign over there say?", Lil asked. "And furthermore, couldn't you at least clean yourself up before coming into my place of business?", she continued to berate him.

Ctown began squinting towards the sign again, this just incensed Lil more. "Will you put on your glasses already?", she scolded.

Ctown reached into his pocket and grabbed his glasses. "Oh it says NO food or drink can be broguht it, but surely that doesn't apply to me," he said.

"Doesn't apply, you're the inspiration for it!", Lil stated matter of factly. "Now give me that pie"

Lil went to grab the pie and Ctown pulled it back, the two struggle in a tug of war for the pie for several minutes before Ctown finally let go which caused the pie to fly out of Lils hand and smash cleanly against the front of her freshly cleaned dress.

Ctown knew this was not a good sign and quickly made his way for the front door.

Sleuth About Town

May-1-2008 20:55

Fuming that she was a mess, she growled. She had just put on this dress before arriving to the pub. Not only was she a mess, but the floor was too. She had recently tidied up the pub. Now the pie lays face-down with all its contents on the floor.

She tried cleaning off what she could off her dress. She, then, bent down to clean up the floor. When she stood upright again, she found ctown leaning over the bar, looking at her with a huge grin on his face.

Ctown had stopped at the door and looked back and saw that Lil had disappeared behind the bar. He slowly and quietly made his way back to the bar.

Lil straightened up to her full height now and ordered, "Ctown, go to the agency and clean up, when you're done, bring me a clean dress. I'll worry about cleaning this one when I get back. Oh, and one more thing... to keep you occupied, look over the notes I already have on the gurentai mob and see if you can recognize any of their members."

Tireless Tiger

May-1-2008 21:19

"Gurent-who mob?", Ctown asked. "I will do no such thing, I'm gonna sit right here at this bar and do what I want!"

Lil glared at him, "S'cuse me? I jsut told you to do something and I expect you to do it," she threatened. "You know you don't want to get me angry, now get going. I have to run into the back and you better be gone when I return"

Lil made her way into the back while everyone watched her. Once she got in the back, Ctown called the bartender over. "Have you ever seen her mad before?" he asked.

The bartender already showed his fear, "No I haven't and between you and me, I really don't want to, I've heard the stories, plese jsut go and don't cause us any trouble," the bartender pleaded.

"Very well, I'll go but before I do I'd like a shot of whiskey please," Ctown told him.

The bartender agreed and poured the shot. Just as Ctown raised the shot glass to his lips, Lil came walking out of the back room. "Ctown, No," she screamed. But it was too late, he had already downed the whiskey.

"What's the matter with you Lil? It's just one drink, I'll head back to the agency now," he told her.

He got off his barstool and began to head for the door again, he took three steps then fell flat on his face. He was passed out cold.

Lil looked at the bartender, "Never, ever serve this guys whiskey, this happens everytime he drinks it. Now help me get him up," she instructed.

Looks like this was another fine mess that Ctown has gotten Lil into!

Sleuth About Town

May-1-2008 22:44

Now, Lil had to figure out a way to wake up Ctown without Bonelady coming to the rescue.

Ying Shun, the Bartender, helped Lil carry Ctown to the back room. Out of public sight, Ctown got put on the floor as gently as possible. Lil told Ying Shun to go back out and tend to his duties. Lil scrambled about in the back room for something to prop Ctown's head.

After a few moments, Lil got Ctown's head propped and a pitcher in her hand. Lil poured the pitcher of water on Ctown, she started somewhere in the middle of his body. Now he'll be cold and drenched when he wakes up.

Now, not only was she a mess, but the floor in front was as well, where Ctown collapsed, and in the back, where he lay.

Lil left him asleep in the back, and she went to clean up the mess in the front.

Satisfied that things were now once again tidy and spotless, she went back to the back to find Ctown still out cold. She grabbed a bucket and filled it up with ice cubes. She unbuttoned the topmost button and started scooping ice down his shirt. She thought she'd really get him going soon.

Vampiric Smile
Vampiric Smile
Safety Officer

May-2-2008 11:00

VS smiled...
Lilangel and ctown are acting like they were married for more than 7 years (the typical mark)!
hahaha 'Ctown maybe the hung sign is there since ever i think' hahaha

"I will have to ask Aunt or Topkebab about' thought VS


May-14-2008 20:58

Bonelady walked into the bar, it had been a long day and she just wanted to unwind with a glass of wine. As she sat down Lil came walking out of the back room. "Bonelady, I'm glad your here, Ctowns been at the whiskey again and hes out cold in the back. I really don't have time to attend to him, do you think you can help me out here?" Lil asked.

Bonelady chuckled, "Let me guess, one shot? I tell you that guy cannot hold his liquor. Let me tell you how to revive him when he does things like this, it never fails"

Bonelady got up and whispered something into Lil's ear.

Lil started laughing, "You gotta be kidding me? That's the remedy for his whiskey troubles? Oh he's not gonna live this one down. Thanks for the help. Bartender, get Bonelady a glass of wine on the house"

Lil left Bonelady to herself and made her way into the back room

Sleuth About Town

May-14-2008 21:34

Lil does as she's instructed by Bonelady, and she kneels over Ctown once more. With the remedy in one hand, and the other resting on the floor at Ctown's side, holding her up for balance... Lil hoped for the best.

Sure enough, it worked. Ctown's eyes opened in an instant and Lil started laughing hysterically. Bonelady heard Lil laughing while she was at the bar drinking her wine. Bonelady knew why, and she looked around and the others had their eyes toward the closed door, looking puzzled.

Lil walked out the door first, still giggling, followed by Ctown.

miss snopes
miss snopes
Bounty Hunter

May-15-2008 00:29

Missy quietly slipped in the door to the quaint pub. "Finally, a nice place to relax" she thought as she eased in to the booth in the corner. It seemed like everywhere she had tried to find a few moments to herself lately had been so crowded, she had almost given up.

She ordered the drink of the day and began shuffling through her briefcase looking for all of the notes she had been making on her "secret" research. She had been travelling around and interviewing everyone she ran across looking for anyone who might have any information but so far, it had been all dead ends.

She jotted a reminder for herself to look in to running an ad to see if anyone might want to team up and work together. She put all of her papers back in her briefcase, paid her tab and headed out the door. She was determined to catch "the Snake" she had been chasing so she could get back to her 'secret' investigation.

Old Shoe

May-15-2008 08:45

With a rustle and a groan, Trusty raised his head from behind the bar. Perplexed by his location, yet without hesitation, he reached for his pocket-sized guide to 'Snake Jokes, Subtlety and Tomfoolery'.

Realising nothing reverent existed, he was about to open his mouth anyway, when out of the book fell his file marked 'Secret #1'. So that's where he'd hidden it! His mind wandered back to that fateful night. Sure, there were benefits to liaising with the Gurentai Mob. Not least their supply of imported spices from across the world. He licked paprika off the back of his hand.

Fortunately, (or was it a helpful coincidence?) ctown's inebriation had been the perfect distraction from his gaffe and he picked up the papers. If only he could understand that weird diagram. Was it a......washing machine?? Late Edwardian edition, naturally.

Tireless Tiger

May-16-2008 17:29

Walking out from the back room, Ctown tried collecting his thoughts as he saw Missy leaving, Trusty looking confused and . Bonelady and Lil giggling away like a couple of school girls.

"Ok ladies, out with it, what could possibly be so funny?" he asked.

Lil tried to compose herself, "Well theres a little something more I know about you now, care for another shot of whiskey, I'll revive you again!" she told him.

Ctown's face suddenly went pale. "Again? What do you mean again?" he questioned. He looked over at Bonelady, "Oh no, you didn't?"

"Oh yes I did, I just couldn't keep it to myself anymore, besides someone else needs to know how to do that as well" Bonelady told Ctown.

"Ok, that I understand, but you had to tell her? While your at it why don't you tell topkebab and Aunt Pittypat as well?" he said sarcastically.

No sooner did he get that out of his mouth did topkebab and Auntie come walking through the door of the bar.

Ctowns jaw hit the floor.

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