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Locked Out

Gopher to the Sleuth Gods

Apr-23-2008 04:05

Belle Sterling had a problem a few weeks ago and it happened to me yesterday. Something got confused when I saved a case to my apt. It didn't close properly yet at the same time the case wasn't open. This prevented me from opening any cases and from accessing the map page and my apt.

If it happens to you get the i.d. address to your apt. from someone you have invited then just paste in that address string and you're in.


miss snopes
miss snopes
Demon of the Due Date

Apr-23-2008 10:02

That's good to know Sophie. I think I might go ahead and save it somewhere just in case.

Lucky Stiff

Apr-24-2008 08:50

In case you don't already know, that link only works if you are in the same city as your apartment. Otherwise, it will only bring you to the lobby of the apartment block of the city you are currently in.

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