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looking for an agency
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Apr-21-2008 15:20

hey all
i see that many of you are recruiting but i want to find an agency that would fit me. i know what i'm doing and i dont need much help, but i would like an agency with an active social interaction and one that enjoys treasure hunting and the like.

PM me if youre interested in what i have to offer :-D


Gopher to the Sleuth Gods

Apr-27-2008 13:16

"Moderators are the only ones that have the capapbility of doing so, as they have certain functions that the rest of us don't"

Like climbing trees and shaking the branches to get the "nuts" out. Or flying in place like hummingbirds. Even LJ, shes so helpful , I could tell you stuff but, she's too modest I don't want to embarass her.

I love our Mods, they're so talented. Thanks to all of you.


PS. Hope you got the tree reference SS

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