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Secret Agency - Recruiting Members


Apr-16-2008 21:17

Hi to all new subscribers,

I'm here to inform new subscribers (new players) that my agency (Secret Agency) is currently recruiting new members. First of all, you may all wonder why would you choose a new agency compared to all other bigger agencies out there, well... I can give you 3 reasons:

1) As the sole Director in this agency, I'm online daily. Most of the time, you can find me here, if you ever need help.
2) There's currently 24 spaces available in equipment locker & most of them are free for members to use.
3) This agency may start small now, so that we can grow together.

More about our Warehouse:
Maximum Detectives: 10
Maximum Case Files per Detective: 2
Item Storage Space: 24
Message Board: Yes
Crime Lab: Yes
Status Bonus: 0

Note: Just PM me if interested to join.



Sleuth About Town

Apr-17-2008 07:23

Hi SecretLocation :-)
You have some good points, but I will give you another offer.
Come Join Eagles Enterprises.
I'll let you become Director at once, as we need someone who is able to take good care of our team members.

You may wonder why you would choose this agency compared to building your own agency, well.... I can give you 6 reasons:

1) The equipment locker is currently filled to the brim, meaning that you will soon be able to improve your equipment, which in turn will improve your ability to solve cases.
2) The agency is in need of someone who is online nearly daily, so that there seem to be someone inside when team members are online.
3) The agency are not big, and can grow together with you.
4) The agency got enough money to survive, so that you don't need to use your money for rent.
5) You will get access to information that will help you grow as a Sleuth.
6) You will come into a group that got some nice friends around, so that we can help you with cases, and there's normally free (mostly solved) cases in the case file, that you can win some more money and experience.

Of course most of theese benefits apply to others who would like to join too. - they may even want to seek out the separate ad for Eagles Enterprises to find some other goodies ;-)


Apr-17-2008 19:41

Its okay, thank you for your offer, I'll build up on my own first.

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