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Shanghai Opportunities!

Kell Dewclaw
Kell Dewclaw
Super Steeper

Apr-14-2008 19:09

Looking to get contacts in Shanghai? Villain Hunting taking you to the far east? Just want to play the races a bit?

Qazaq Investigations is taking boarders - temporary or semi-permanent.

What you get -
*immediate Agent status
*access to the agency smart suit +15 (and constantly improving).
*help with evidence (particularly the calligraphist)
*frequent access to extra cases (when I don''t get time to work them).
*the possibility to improve your personal gear.
*a small boost to your stats for being in an agency (improving soon)

*some degree of financial support for the agency.
*help out on other's cases - contacts allowing.
*work to improve the smart suit (will reimburse for donated gear).
*fairly regular login (a few time a week min).

No pressure agency - no treasure hunts - no role play.

I'm also open to permanent employment - mail me to see how you might fit into the long term vision of Qazaq.


Kell Dewclaw
Kell Dewclaw
Super Steeper

Apr-25-2008 12:54

We've recently improved both our smart suit and agency HQ. Qazaq can now offer a crime lab, an expanded equipment locker, storage for six cases, and a +3 status bonus just like the bigger agencies.

We've got room for one more!

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