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Arch Villain Hunt Tournament
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Tireless Tiger

Apr-12-2008 15:09

Well it never took off over on the AVL site, so Dawg Pound Investigations is proud to announce that we will be holding a tournament. lilangel and myself have been working the past few weeks to get enough teams interested and finally have them together. If all goes well, there will be more tournaments to follow which we will make open to all agencies. Our tournament will begin on Monday, April 14 and will be 4 or 5 rounds. details can be viewed here:

Any questions feel free to PM me. We will also use this thread for any trash talking that the players want to begin with. Let the fun begin! :-D


Lucky Stiff

May-29-2008 07:39

The crowd is getting restless. It's been 4 days and no-one knows the state of play. Then suddenly, a cry starts in the Northeast corner. "Admiral Luther Zhou has been caught!" The crowd cheers, the first villian has been apprehended! The giant screen flashes for the whole arena to see:

-May-29-2008 03:02
-Arch Villain Arrested!
-The notorious criminal Admiral Luther Zhou was brought to justice by latsujca.-

Then, just as quickly, the screen flashes again:

-May-29-2008 03:41
-Arch Villain Arrested!
-The notorious criminal Conrad "the Spider" Cain was brought to justice by Miss Rochelle.-

The crowd roars!!! Sirens are 2 up and TIA are nowhere to be seen! Corks pop, champagne flows, the bookies are doing a roaring trade, even the kids are betting chocolate coins!
The TIA supporters are not to be outdone, they start a rumour that TIA are closing in, and sure enough, another message soon flashes up:

-May-29-2008 04:24
-Arch Villain Nabbed!
-The notorious criminal Cruella "the Shadow" Malatesta was brought to justice by Mitstux.-

"Mistux we love you!!" cries an ecstatic fan from the bleachers. As the minutes drag on the noise in the arena rises to deafening levels.

-May-29-2008 04:25
-Arch Villain Captured!
-The notorious criminal Theodorus "the Beetle" Minx was brought to justice by Agatha!.-

Fans throw popcorn at each other, the cold beer ran out so the hot beer guy now has some business. Everyone is sitting on the edge of their seat, even the commentators are sweating so much they have to change their shirts... twice.
The morning stretches on...and on...
...Several hours later:

-May-29-2008 06:46
-Arch Villain Arrested!
-The notorious criminal Anastasia "the Razor" Dimitrijevic was brought to justice by turtledove.-

The TIA supporters are dancing in their seats, a streaker runs right past the Sirens camp only narrowly missing being thumped!
The Sirens crowd are on tenterhooks, what has happened to their beloved V Buster? The tension builds...

miss snopes
miss snopes
Special Deliverance

May-29-2008 10:53

I can't believe I missed the streaker!!!

V Buster
V Buster
Old Shoe

May-29-2008 16:43

Congrats to TIA on their win. (My hunt's not going to be done today.)

Miss Rochelle
Miss Rochelle
Old Shoe

May-30-2008 03:43

Congratulations to TIA!!

and thanks goes out to Lilangel and Ctown for organizing the tournament!

Old Shoe

May-30-2008 04:39

Its soooo nice to win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you!!! :)
i want to thank those that have organized the tournament
and a very special thanks to my agency that trusted me and gave me the opportunity to play in this tournament!!!!!

This game required good communication, organization and great relationship between the members of the agency. TIA proved that has all that and i am very proud to be a member of this agency!

goooo TIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tireless Tiger

May-30-2008 07:38

I would like to start off by Congratualting TIA. WEll played tourney, you all ran the table. We all look forward to a rematch. A prize for your hard effort will be coming shortly. This was alot of fun to participate it and run.

I would also like to thank all that played in the tourney, hope you all had a blast and will participate in more tourneys in the future. Right now it looks like we may be plainning another for sometime after July 4th. This gives everyone a chance to unwind on the cruise ship for a bit, and us to get another planned with details and such. In the meantime, lets hear some thoughts on the tourney.

Did you like double elimination or would you prefer single elimination? What about the number of teams? more or less? We are already working on another tiebreaker but any more ideas are welcome. The next one will be an open invitation as compared to this past one that was by invite only. This will allow the entire community to play.

I also want to give a special thank you to Serges and biggie for all the hard work the two of them did on the AVL site, it was their hard work and ingenuity that made this whole thing possible. Without them we wouldn't have had the inspiration to this, so a big round of applause for them.


May-30-2008 09:08

This post could not start with a different way than thanking Dawg Pound Investigations for running this AVL for us all :D ! Thanks a lot guyz , hunting an Arch Villain is a sensation itself , when it's done with your teammates , well , I don't think it can be described that easily! ! !

Now, I would like to say some thing about The Intelligence Agency!

For TIA , Arch Villains are like Pokemons , you just got to catch them all ! And we never stop hunting , we may take a rest for few days , but we don't stop ! It's our way of enjoying Sleuth ! This AVL was just a confirmation that WE ARE THE BEST in this!!!!!!!!!!!!!:DDDD

Now , I want to say some special thanks!First of all , Adam (aka Brasco de Gama) for inviting me to join TIA about 130 ago , Linda (aka Evelyn Gardner) my AVH mentor and captain of the AVL team , for introducing me to the sensation of hunting an Arch Villain and then for trusting me with a spot in our AVL team :) . And of course Hugo (aka turtledove) and Gogo (aka Agatha!) for making this team so great ! ! !

That's all folks ! ! ! Congrats to all the teams who participated in this and remember....

Keep on sleuthing!

Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin
Tale Spinner

May-30-2008 09:10

Congratulations TIA! And thanks to CTown for running the show on this tournament.

TIA members can now see their prize in the trophy room (thanks to ctown again for digging up the trophy).

For the rest of you, you can see the image here:
or on the event website.

Gopher to the Sleuth Gods

May-30-2008 09:33

Thanks to all of you who have worked so hard to make this tournament such a great success. Ctown, Lilangel, Serges and Biggie you have done a superb job.

As far as TIA is concerned my teammates Agatha and Mits have covered it all very well. We've had a lot of fun and we look foreward to the nxt tournament.

Sleuth About Town

May-30-2008 10:16

First, I want to congratulate the winning team, TIA. Congratulations TIA!

Second, I'd like to thank all those who participated in the Tournament and made this possible. This has been a great turnout for being the first one we've done.

Now, I'd also like to thank Serges and Biggie for the inspiration that had given us the chance to run this. Without the AVL site, I don't think I would have had the idea.

I'd also like to thank Brasco for mentioning his plans to me, giving me the idea that someone was going to do it, if something wasn't done soon. It has been very trying to do this, now are you sure you would have been able to handle this?

Last, I'd like to thank the Sleuth Admin for delivering the winning prize to the winning team of our Tournament. Without him, TIA would have just had bragging rights. ;-)

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