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Congratulations turtledove...!!!
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Apr-11-2008 00:20

Hello my dear Turtle...=) are you....???

i hope fine.... ;)

i was looking at message board, in Karelek, and Lili Curiel ( remember her..??? very special nice girl) was asking about hints to VH...and i wrote "First of all...
you must have all contacts....
all basics skills... (Smart and tought/charm)...

and some exp in solved AI cases by your self.... "

and Lili " tks, Vellozo!

I'll have to remember that once I set out ten years!

and you "Aug-20-2007 12:44

Ten years!!!!! Make that double for me."

and now you are # 11 in top villian hunts with 21 AVH....and growing...=)

you doing an great job my dear....

CongratulaƧƵes para ti pelo sucesso...!!!

have a good day...


btw, i dont know why, but my bar are really full hehehe...

Cheers again...!!!



Apr-11-2008 08:15

Thanks Vellozo and you too VS for your kind words. I wasn't expecting this but I'm pleasantly surprised. Best of luck to the both of you and Vellozo I might just pop in one day and have a drink or two or three...hic


Apr-11-2008 08:17

^^^ I forgot that I was with Mystie, and not Turtle but the message stays the same. Thanks guys.

Battered Shoe

Apr-11-2008 23:49

Maybe it's the Captain Morgan clouding my head, but I don't understand a word of this.

Lili Curiel
Lili Curiel

Apr-15-2008 12:13

Congrats to you Turtledove! I'm still sticking to that ten year goal! lol....I'm very impressed by your accomplishments! You take care and drop a line on me now and again ! *'s the Remy Martin I snuck outta Lucky's secret stash...dont tell Vellozo!*

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