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Your first car, and your current
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Gopher to the Sleuth Gods

Apr-9-2008 10:26

What you drive tells something about you. Even if you drive a hoopdee, you chose it. What was your first car? What do you drive now?

My first car was a 2-door, 1962 Olds Cutlass F-85. It was parked in my neighbors field. I paid $50 for it, replaced the universal in the drive line and drove it away. I called it "La Bamba." If you stepped on the gas pedal to quick it went right to the floor and with that aluminum block engine it went from zero to 60 in the bat of an eye, slip it to neutral and the pedal popped back up. I put a $300 stereo in it that I had to take out whenever I parked it because I didn't a have key for the the doors. the trunk was wired shut with bailing wire. I loved that car.

Today I drive a 2005 Ford Ranger 4x4 XL off-road P/U . It stands kinda tall so I use the running boards to climb into it :-)


Tireless Tiger

Apr-12-2008 09:31

Hey crunch, why don't you tell us about your hitchhiking experiences in Washington State? (Hey you said one day to ask you, this day is a s good as any) ;-)

And before anyone gets any ideas, I am NOT the guy in the creepy Chevy Blazer in a ski mask! Yes I do drive a Chevy Blazer, but I have never been to Washington State and I don't even own a ski mask!

Brasco De Gama
Brasco De Gama
Old Shoe

Apr-30-2008 05:17

I got my first car in 1994. It was a 1987 VW Polo C 1.0 in white. It couldn't pull you out of bed. I was a student when I owned it and didn't have a clue how to look after cars, so it was a heap in no time.

I now own a 1990 Lotus Elan SE Turbo in Red. It's err... not for the faint hearted... and slightly cursed. It's the unluckiest car I have ever owned. It had a roof fall on it in a storm, smashing up the windscreen and the front (and giving it the nickname Tyler... Tiles, geddit?). I got a puncture on the way to my friends wedding rehersal (where I was best man)... the evening before the wedding... giving me a few hours in the morning to find a new tyre so I could get him to the church on time! Door hinges cracking through the fibreglass frame, and a shunt up the rear of a Corsa that really should not have still been there have seen it has seen it in the repairers more often than it's out. I was warned that Lotus stood for Loads Of Trouble Usually Serious, and they weren't wrong.
On a sunny day with the roof down, tearing through the country roads, I forgive it though... :)

Jason Arends
Jason Arends
Lucky Stiff

May-7-2008 17:17

I dont know SS, my first car is my current car, bought it a couple years ago
A '92 Honda Accord Lx, Navy blue color, Its had like 5 previous owners, I paid $400 for it, paid $700 in repairs,(that first month) Its kind of funny because every other owner took such bad care of it, Its about like what? 15 years old? I went to get an oil change, and The guy comes out, shows me this blackended, old, rusty thing, and hes just got this shocked look and says to me "Is this the ORIGINAL filter?!" Then i got a lecture about proper car care, before i could explain i just bought it, So everything that goes wrong with my car, is probably because its still an original part, I had to get new wheel bearings and again the mechanic was asking me how old they were,
But in my cars defense, everything i fix on it, stays fixed, Its ironic because in the winter, my windows did not want to defrost and the heat did not want to work, Now its almost summer, and my automatic windows are busted, Its a car with Personality my mechanic calls it the blue terror for how many times its been in to be fixed.

Still i love it, even if the radio doesnt work and all ive got is a tape deck... i can just sit in the stifling silence on my way to the garage i go to.
Lets face it, its a honda, it'll probably outlive me.

Id like a Dodge Caliber, a lot of the cops around here are updating their cars to them, and its a mean looking car, painted out for NYS Police, with a light rack on top, im not sure if theyre making it the new standard police model or what, but i got pulled over by one cop who was driving one, And yeah seeing that in your rear view mirror...not pleasant. Hes asking me if i know what i did wrong, and im asking him "what are you driving?" Surprisngly cops dont get swayed if you tell them theyve got a nice car, and they also dont like it if you answer them with a question, apparently its suspicious. =P

But if i had the money id most likely go with a hybrid.

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