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The Chase
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Pinball Amateur

Apr-2-2008 22:03

The hunt for evil never ends. When one is caught, another remains. Solidarity brings progress, steadily but surely. But there is always a price. The chase continues....


Lucky Stiff

Apr-6-2008 04:37

Dawg Pound Investigations was in darkness.
Most of the agents had gone home for the night.
Lil, Ctown and Barnabas had rushed out earlier in the day and had not returned yet.

There was no noise as Topkebab stepped silently down the main corridor. The image of the smiling Ping entering Lil's office that afternoon still played over in her mind and she shivered despite herself.

She had so many unanswered questions. What had he come for? Why had the three of them left with him so suddenly? Did the directors know who Ping really was? Most importantly, what did they know about Topkebab's past?

The door to Lil's office was closed but not locked (not that that would have meant much). Topkebab glanced up and down the corridor and, satisfied no one else was around, slipped in.

Careful not to disturb anything, she looked around and immediately spotted a telegram on the desk. Reading it, however just brought more questions. Topkebab didn't know who Brady was but had heard of a New York agency called Wish On a Star. But what did they have to do with Dawg Pound Investigations? And that still didn't explain the involvement of Ping.

Confused, Topkebab headed to the garden to think.

Vampiric Smile
Vampiric Smile
Safety Officer

Apr-6-2008 09:02

Shanghai 01:00

Ping was on his way to give his report. Walking in the shadows, he finally reached the alley behind the shop of the Tea merchant. He hesitated for a moment …he really was afraid of the mood of the Golden Dragon. He knocked the heavy door with the way of the Triads .. .. .. . and was escorted to the Golden Dragon himself.

VS looked upon his soldier with contempt “Speak mortal …I hear you”

Ping was really terrified but was able to say “Davis Adams has sent me after Jin Jiang…they believe he is connected with the shooting of Brady Quinn and they want me and Yu to find him Master !”

VS grinned and Ping felt the chill all the way down his spine “What else?”
“Dawg Pound Investigations is also involved. Davis Adams has sent me to inform lilangel about the shooting. She is in the base now. Brady Quinn has been operated and they are waiting him to recover”

VS grinned again “Where is Yu?”

“He is guarding Brady…he told me that he has heard Davis Adams talking over the phone with the White House…he also told me that Davis Adams mentioned something about the Amethyst project” …Ping was ready to collapse “These are all I know master”

VS smiled “Good job mortal!...find Jin Jiang and bring him here to me!...dismissed now!”

Sleuth About Town

Apr-8-2008 00:31

Since it was so late at night, Lil, Ctown and Barnabas returned quietly into DPI. Expecting the others to be asleep, they crept up to their offices. In the hall, Lil bumped into someone heading out...

Topkebab shrieked, Lil screamed, and Ctown and Barnabas a few steps behind Lil.

"What's going on?" Barnabas asked. "Shh, you'll wake up the whole agency," Ctown said.

"Topkebab, what are you doing up?" Lil asked.

Topkebab said, "I was looking for something in my office. I thought I left it in there before you left."

Vampiric Smile
Vampiric Smile
Safety Officer

Apr-8-2008 12:24

Two days later

Ping had to use the Underworld connections to locate Jin Jiang. Only problem was that Jin Jiang was dead!
The body was lying at the forest behind the race track. Ping was not a Doctor but was able to identify that the heart and the liver of Jin Jiang were taken! Ping was only able to find a strange medal of scholarship 5 m away of the body. Ping took it and left.

One hour later

VS heard the report of Ping and was able to see the signs of the ritual execution of Jin Jiang! “Show me The Medal Ping!”
VS took the medal in his hands and immediately recognized the occult symbol on it! …a black Wheel of Sun with 12 broken radius. VS knew that he was holding the symbol of The Black Sun…Schwarze Sonne…SS !.
VS grinned and gave the Medal back to Ping.
“Ping take the Medal to Davis Adams and give him the details of the execution!...dismiss mortal!”

Ping was more than happy to leave.

Tireless Tiger

Apr-8-2008 21:43

Ctown eyed Topkebab suspiciously. Not much was known about the young agent. She just joined DPI recently and here she is wandering around HQ in the middle of the night. He couldn’t shake the feeling that she may know something. However this was not something he could deal with now, not in his frame of mind.

“Ok, look, it’s been a long night and it’s gonna be an even longer day tomorrow. I still can’t believe this has happened. First thing in the morning I want everyone to find out what they can about this Jin Jiang, but for now I think we could all do with a good nights rest,” Ctown said.

Everyone made their way to their respective offices. Ctown didn’t even bother to remove his coat. He quickly went to his file cabinet and began frantically searching for information on Jin Jiang. This was gonna be a sleepless night for him and he knew there would be no rest until Brady’s assailant was behind bars. This was personal, Brady and Ctown had come up through the ranks together and now one of them was laid up in a hospital bed at the hands of a lowdown criminal.

Several hours and two pots of coffee later, while Ctown was going through the files he looked up and saw Lil standing at the doorway. It looked like she hadn’t gotten a wink of sleep herself. “Lil please, I need you all to get some rest. I will not stop until I get this guy, he may have escaped Brady but he won’t escape me.” Ctown told her. He then put his head back down and continued looking for something to help him find more about Jiang.

Sleuth About Town

Apr-9-2008 02:13

0400 - Shanghai

Dawg Pound Investigations - Ctown's office

Lil stood in the doorway of Ctown's office, watching him feverishly going through files in search of something, anything, that would help him. She smiled softly, as she quietly made her way in and sat in the chair in front of him.

"So you can't sleep either? I tried, but with all that has gone on, it got difficult to sleep. I heard you bustling about in here, so I came in here to see if you wanted company," Lil said softly, careful not to wake the others.

Ctown repeated, "Lil, I need you to get some rest like the others."

"If I was able to get some rest, wouldn't you be able to as well?" Lil asked.

"I suppose so," Ctown answered. "However, I cannot. You should though, what good would we be if both of us didn't get any rest?"

"I cannot, either," Lil replied. "I did some thinking and I came here to see what you were doing and to see if you needed help. As I can see, you're doing just fine on your own. I'll be in the library, doing some research of anything that could possibly hint at a few things here."

At that, Ctown went back to what he was doing, and Lil got up and left. Lil walked quietly down the hall and went to the library. She went into the library, closing the door behind her softly. She turned on the light and quietly moved around in the large room. She went across to the other wall and in the corner along that wall was a small door. She went back and opened the Shanghai filing cabinet.

She pulled out some of the files and flipped through them, scanning them for possible names known to her. At this time, Jin Jiang and Fang Ping were all she had to go by. She went through suspect and victim names of the cases, one by one, she whittled through the pile she had taken out. She didn't find a whole lot. She did find one case mentioning Fang Ping. She saw it was solved by Topkebab.

Sleuth About Town

Apr-9-2008 02:32

At daybreak, Lil had taken that case she had discovered and made her way back out of the library. With the case in hand, she quietly went down the hall, hoping others weren't awake yet. She went back into Ctown's office. She peeked in, and found him fast asleep. "I guess this old man couldn't stay awake like he thought," Lil thought to herself. She stifled a yawn, and went to his desk. She carefully set the file she was carrying and left a note on top of the file. "He'll see this when he wakes," she thought. She made her way back to her office and laid on the couch and fell fast asleep next to Qannik, her dog.

Tireless Tiger

Apr-12-2008 10:09

Shanghai 08:00

Ctown awoke from his nap. He has hoped it was all a dream but as he looked on his desk and saw a file sitting there, with the note Lil had left him the cold reality hit him. He picked up the file and read the note, "Important information on Fang Ping, Lil". He rummaged through the file to see what Lil had found on Ping and was startled at the results. He knew there was something about that guy that he didn't trust.

Making his way into Lil's office, he found her fast asleep. He knew she needed rest but this was important. He gently nudged her to wake her up.

Lil awoke from her slumber. "Ctown, was it is?" she asked groggily.

"Lil, you should have woken me as soon as you found this information. There is no time to waste. We need to get down to the base immediately, this is information I'm sure Adams can use. Besides, I'm hoping Brady is awake by now," Ctown told her.

The two of them rushed out of Lil's office and made their way to the lobby where they found Barnabas going over some agency business.

"Barney, we need to get down to the base, no need to wake the other agents. The office remains closed today", Ctown told the agent.

They hurried out into the street and quickly hailed a cab and were on their way to the base

Sleuth About Town

Apr-12-2008 15:36

Barnabas grabbed the list of his desk. He had it prepared to give to David Adams now. He has all of the Dawg Pound members on the list. He was hoping he would have a chance to see Anikka too soon. Possibly have the agency host for Wish when they all come to Shanghai.

Lil stumbled out of her office and out the front agency door. Crawled into the cab and fell asleep on the person next to her. She slept the whole trip to the base.

Sleuth About Town

Nov-6-2008 13:51

Lil had feared for her agency's safety, so she moved Dawg Pound Investigations to London. She still attempted to keep touch with her neighboring agencies in Shanghai. She visits Shanghai field office occasionally.

Barnabas moved with the main office, he loved being around the agents in the main office on a daily basis. Soon enough, Barnabas was knocking on Lil's door in Dawg Pound and heard her beckon him to enter.

Lil sat behind her desk and heard Barnabas tell her that he had a telegram from General David Adams. Lil was surprised and pleased to hear from him. It had been half a year since she last talked with him. Lil read the telegram and told Barnabas to get Ctown.

A few moments later, Barnabas re-entered Lil's office with Ctown. Lil coolly sat at her desk and told Ctown that they were to bring themselves, Qannik, and their Officer, Makensie Brewer.

Ctown questioned, "Why Makensie? She doesn't know Brady." Lil answered, "Not Brady, but she does know someone else that Gen. David knows."

They set out to meet General David Adams, a dear friend and honored guest of Dawg Pound.

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