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Jesse Hunter
Jesse Hunter
Santa's Little Helper

Apr-1-2008 13:54

A thread in a message board in a mystery game on the internet in the 21st century (i.e. reality) about everything and nothing. Just a place to hang out when the cases are done and the addiction still lingers.

Welcome! Some things you should know:
1. You can't wander off topic, there isn't one.
2. Fighting or bickering will not be tolerated, as per the Code of Conduct.

3. Even though YOU happen to be a dear sweet gentle lamb, if your sleuth persona wants to fight or bicker "in character", it's STILL fighting and bickering.
4. Polite and passive aggressive fighting and bickering is STILL...etc etc.
5. Feel free to converse, emote, ramble, post in 3rd person or spanglish, whatever suits your fancy. It's unhijackable!


Lucky Stiff

Mar-19-2009 00:49

Ah hahahahahaha
That's great :D

Bela Talbot III
Bela Talbot III
Con Artist

May-21-2013 09:30

I love the stories!

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