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Change to Pirates Rules
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Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin
Tale Spinner

Mar-17-2008 23:51


After a lot of valid complaints, I've finally changed the rules a bit for how pirating works.

1) The chances of getting pirated twice in a day have been reduced, and you should never be pirated more than twice.

2) You no long lose money when pirated, only turns. The money loss hit newer players considerably harder than advanced Sleuths, so this should be a bit more equitable.


Con Artist

Jun-6-2008 14:46

Something has gone wrong with the change because I have just been pirated 3 times in a row trying to get to New York. I waited 5 minutes after the first time but they were still there. So I logged out for 30 minutes and tried again and they were still there.

If it's definately not supposed to happen more than twice but did, I'm worried if I try again, they'll still be there.

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