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My client is guilty - dontcha hate that!

Isabella McTavish
Isabella McTavish

Mar-15-2008 14:59

Ooooh how I hate it when I lose money on a case. ..."because your client is guilty .." no reward. SOB. And I was looking forward to that payout too.


Sleuth About Town

Mar-15-2008 16:03

With more experience, it's not so important anymore.
But, you can use your skills, an get yourself cases so you are a good friend of the brotherhood.... - and they'll learn you the pick pocketing, which will give you the revard, regardless of who are guilty. (unless you accuse wrong of course)

Aunt Pittypat
Aunt Pittypat

Mar-16-2008 05:09

Yes it is awful when your client takes your reward. Luckily I subscribed right away and joined an agency. Everyone was extremely helpful and I got alot of welcome gifts in the form of cash so I was able to bribe everyone I needed to. I know I would have struggled alot without the cash help.

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