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New Thread Re Subscriptions


Feb-24-2008 08:44

I rarely read the City Hall message boards because I'm usually busy working cases, but unfortunately I read the previous thread concerning multiple subscriptions. The complaints, although not stated, probably referred to Margaritaville agency. I started this agency over 2 yrs. ago and worked really hard at it. I'm 65 yrs. old, semi-retired, have the time to spend on Sleuth, and eventually wound up creating and running 5 detectives. Believe me, that takes a lot of time and work, but it has been my source of enjoyment and a way to pass the time.

Now seeing that certain people are upset and think that this is an unfair advantage, with regret I have decided to resign my detectives from Margaritaville and for now only keep 3. I won't be in treasure hunts, so hopefully 3 isn't too many.


Huglover's Assistant
Huglover's Assistant

Feb-25-2008 12:09

You don't have to retire your sleuths from Margaritaville if you don't plan to do any more treasure hunts.
I have 6 sleuths that I control in Isac, and know the password on the last, in addition to this one who is also mine.
But, I have not got any complaints as far as I can understand, because I don't do treasure hunts. Since treasure hunts are a agency competence it's something that the community want to stay a way that will feature people cooperating with eachother.

Believe me, I know it's much work to run 5 detectives! :-)

I think the community will apreciate that you continue to run with all your 5 detectives, as long as you don't do treasure hunts. It's like nobody think it's nice to be beat in a competition if the one you are competing against have a kind of power you are unable to get yourself. Especially in a game like sleuth. Have you tried AVH's? That is quite fun too, and there you are competing against yourself :-)

Also, I think there are something they call the AVH league. I don't know, but I naively think that participating in an AVH league with 3 sibling sleuths will be accepted by the community :-)


Feb-25-2008 13:49

Thanks for the input, Hugs. I do go on villain hunts from time to time, but what I really like and has been the most fun for me has been treasure hunts. I personally don't think having the multiple detectives was that much of an advantage. If it were I wouldn't have had to work so hard and stay up so late at night trying to get the treasures.

It saddens me, but I already took all 5 detectives out of Margaritaville. 2 I'll just let go and I'll split the other 3 among 2 agencies so I can go on treasure hunts the "proper' way. :)

Tireless Tiger

Feb-25-2008 15:03

I know the feeling Ken, I split my 3 detectives between 2 agencies know. Actually it's not to bad as I work more the hunts for 2 different agencies. Of course they two agencies haven't had to compete against each other yet. But we can work that out. We "visit" each others agencies all the time! Happy Hunting!

Sleuthgirl Ciara
Sleuthgirl Ciara

Mar-1-2008 00:37

can i be a member of mrgaritaville? I LUUUUUUUUUUUUV jimmie bufet. i really want to be a margariaville....

<3 <3 Ciara

R Anstett
R Anstett

Mar-2-2008 14:35

One of the things I have always wanted was a way to have more people in an agency, not to treasure hunt for for roleplaying.

I have suggested in the past an Intern slot, that only allows people to use the message boards. Perhaps that could be adapted to this instance.

An agency could be almost any size, but the larger than current sizes are not allowed to treasure hunt. No option on the menu for it.

Or have it as somethign that an agency can choose like picking a place with a crime lab or not. Then again get into fully customizable agencies with picking from a menu:

how many people
crime lab or not
message boards or not
safe or not


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