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Contest: Beatle Sleuths
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Gopher to the Sleuth Gods

Feb-17-2008 05:17

Do you ever make up your own words to songs? How about while you’re Sleuthing? Now’s your chance to show off your song writing talent. The rules:

All songs must be a parody of a Beatle song. They must also be in keeping with our Noir theme. The original title must be at the top so judges will know which tune to “sing by.” You can have your own title too just put the original in “( )”

The contest ends at the last server moment of the leap day, February 29. So March is too late.
Judges will be Anikka, Lady Jas, and myself.

Prizes are : 1st place - an AVH reward plus 100K sleuth dollars
2nd place- Choice of an AVH reward or 100k sleuth dollars.

Entry Example:

Help, you know I need somebody,
Help, I just saw a body,
Help, you know I need a Sleuth,

When I was going out, only yesterday,
I nearly fell over a body propped up in my way,
There was blood spilt all over the floor,
I screamed and ran back, slamming shut my door.

Help me if you can I feel afraid,
And I don't want to go to my grave,
Help, I think I may be next,
Wont you please, please help me?



Mar-4-2008 09:51

Thank you Sophie, for this wonderful contest. And congratulations to all our budding songwriters... what a great collection!!

Cordelia Falco
Cordelia Falco
Battered Shoe

Mar-4-2008 15:46

Thanks, guys! I think the biggest congrats go to Sophie and the rest of the judges for another really great competition - feels like we all had fun coming up with those.

Brady Quinn
Brady Quinn
Big Winner

Mar-4-2008 16:57

I reiterate what the others have all said. Great job by everyone, I had a blast playing in this one. And it gets me off the hook. I told some people that if one of my entries won I would go to karaoke night, sing it and have it recorded to be put up on You Tube. You are now all spared from hearing such a dreadful singing voice! ;-)

Old Shoe

Mar-4-2008 19:03

Congrats to everyone! They were so much fun to read :-D

Ms Helen
Ms Helen
Con Artist

Mar-4-2008 19:32

OMG see what happens when I'm away for a couple of days I miss the contest, dammit dammit dammit

Vampiric Smile
Vampiric Smile
Safety Officer

Mar-5-2008 01:42

Well done Cordelia and congratulations! Your entry deserves the first place 100%.
I am afraid that this is not the case with the second award given. I am afraid that the objectivity of (at least one of) the Judges was (or could have been) influenced by the ‘teammate’ issue .
Stooby felt this delicate issue and clearly said that his participation was beyond the contest and I would like to congratulate him for the sensitivity and responsibility shown. Unfortunately this was not the case with Phoenix Shadow (although he is a teammate with Judge Sophie and he could directly or indirectly influence her opinion) !
I really believe that Phoenix Shadow’s entry should be excluded and the award to be given in another (beyond reasonable doubt concerning Judge’s influence) entry.

Phoenix Shadow
Phoenix Shadow
Sleuth About Town

Mar-5-2008 03:58

You make a lot of suppositions and accusations there, VS, on absolutely no basis or evidence. And it's not just against me; your comments question the integrity of all three judges of this contest. Do you seriously think that I am so desperate to win a contest that I would try and 'influence' one of the judges?! That would make me a very sad case indeed!!

The reality is that I entered the contest for fun, and coming second is a nice bonus. I also make a point of, if I happen to win a prize in a contest, I deliberately don't enter the next one.

But whatever, you're entitled to your opinion. To prove my integrity in this (although I don't feel I need to), I will return my prize and ask that the judges award it to whoever finished 3rd.

Gopher to the Sleuth Gods

Mar-5-2008 05:11

Mr. VS

First, you are making some huge assumptions here.
#1 " That I wield any power over Anikka and Lady Jas, that in itself is ridiculous.
#2- That any of these contests have any meaning other than being a fun challenge.
#3- That any of the contestants would do anything to win other than submit their best work.

If a judge is supposed to exclude a friend from the contests then there would be no more contests. I have many friends VS, as does Anikka and Lady Jas. They have hosted many contests and no-one has ever questioned their integrity before and I am offended that you do so now. You have also called into question the integrity of all contestants by implying that anyone would contact a judge to try to get their vote. That too is insulting as well as ridiculous. The judges were unanimous in the vote and as you can see by the posts the other entrants obviously agreed with us. I believe you owe Anikka and Lady Jas an apology.

Safety Officer

Mar-5-2008 05:36

I think that everyone should just relax, and not spoil one of the better competitions that Sleuthville has seen, with a lot of toing and froing.

The competition and judging were both carried out in a great spirit. And with three judges there was sufficient range and breadth of opinion to legitimise any decision making process.

As Sophie intimates, I think if everyone who had a Sleuth friend or agency mate running / judging a competition excluded themselves on the basis of conflict of interest then it would be a very narrow field indeed.

Me personally, I have enough respect for my fellow Sleuth's intelligence and integrity to trust that when running and judging a competition, they would use both in these instances.

Congrats to Sophie for organising, the judges for judging, the entrants for entering, and especially the winners for err winning it. They were both well deserved.

Now play nice and don't bang on about it and scare off the newbies from future competitions.

Safety Officer

Mar-5-2008 05:39

and once more from the top... all together...

When I get older, losing my hair
Many years from now,
Will I still be sharp enough to take the case?
Grill those townies, get in their face?
Pounding the pavements, knocking on doors
Old joints feeling sore.
Will I still make it, will I still take it
When I’m sixty-four?

Contacts grow old too.
And if their eyesight goes,
I'll need someone new.

I could retire, give up the case,
Let those villains be,
Trade the sailor pantsuit for a dressing gown,
Put my fan and parasol down.
Sipping martinis, backing Old Tom,
Strolling by the shore.
Will I still make it, will I still take it,
When I’m sixty-four?

Every summer I will take a holiday in Shangri La
With those friendly monks
Learning to steep tea.
Scholars on lonely trails,
Mountain, Toe and Sea.

It won’t be easy, making the grade
When I’m slowing down.
Murderers get younger as your hair gets grey.
Flirting powers wasting away.
Still I’ll stick with it, hunting them down
Till the final score.
Will I still make it, will I still take it
When I’m sixty-four?

[Music Lennon/McCartney, Lyrics Cordelia Falco]

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