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Ideas for Some Cosmetic Changes
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Wayne Williams Jr.
Wayne Williams Jr.

Feb-17-2008 00:07

It’s been a while since I’ve contributed ideas to Sleuth: Noir. Here are some suggestions, mostly cosmetic ones, that I hope can be implemented without too much difficulty.

Our detective agency pages are kind of barebones at present. When you click on an agency page, there’s nothing much to look at, only the agency name, description and text for the members and fame, etc. (I’m talking about looking at other people’s agencies).

I thought it might good to spice up the page and give them more ‘character’, so visitors have more to see, and also give each agency a more distinct look. I know it’s possible for agencies to expand their look by having their own websites, but this isn’t the same as having the features in Sleuth itself. So here are some ideas:

1. Instead of just having member names, to have avatars up on the page as well, so we can see at a glance all those handsome and beautiful faces.
2. A picture of the property picture directly on the page, instead of just the name. When you click on the property name, eg. Refurbished Mansion, then the pop up comes up.
3. A selection of items in the locker made visible to visitors. It could be entirely random, or the agency could choose which items to display. To carry the idea further, perhaps only agencies who buy a glass cabinet could do this (harder to implement) just like in apartments.
4. A selection of trophies made visible to visitors. Similarly, could be random, or selected by the agency. Perhaps only for agencies who buy a trophy cabinet? Then on the page, visitors can see all those hard-earned shiny things lined up proudly on a shelf!
5. Bulletin board. I think this idea has been suggested before somewhere, which I think is a good idea to add some character to agencies. Agencies can then write whatever they wish their members to see ie. the agenda for this week etc. Or they could write something for visitors (eg prospective members) to see, ie. Who we are and how to join etc.


Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

Feb-17-2008 23:35

Wayne, I love your ideas! I think they are great, and it would be great to see some of them implemented...who knows we just might in the future ;)

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