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Sleuth in the Brain

Holdy Relish
Holdy Relish

Feb-9-2008 10:07

Hi all
Yestarday I was waiting abnormally long for the subway. The announcer suddenly turned his speaker on and I was expecting a message like "There was a holdup on the tracks, a train will be arriving shortly."

Instead it was "This the MTA reminding you to keep your bags with you at all tiimes."

And I immediately thought of my townies who, against all hope, offer no info with "No, I don't know anything about that."

Has anyone else had Sleuth infiltrating their Daily Thought Process?



Feb-9-2008 14:23

It's a beautiful thing when virtual reality meets real life. However, I quit reading Ivanhoe when I saw my mother-in-law as a dragon.

Old Shoe

Feb-9-2008 19:46

Can't say I've had an experience like this.

But... its good to see that BadAss is back =)

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