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Subscription "idea".


Feb-8-2008 04:37

From sleuthtips I see there is a possibility that subscriptions will follow a similar pricing structure to noir. I have always viewed Sleuth as extremely good value for money.

With consideration to the fact that it seems they will share a homepage I have a small request/suggestion that I think could make it even more reasonable and bring a few extra $ for the game. Would it be possible to purchase a "super subscription" that combines both SoM and noir? The subscriber would then get both subscriptions for a little less than the combined individual prices. Feel free to destroy/discount this idea if it isn't that good.


Old Shoe

Feb-8-2008 06:23

I think Ben said somewhere that you will get discounts on your subscriptions to a SoM depending on your current subscription for Noir. And probably vice versa.

Gena Long
Gena Long
Sleuth About Town

Mar-27-2008 18:34

I think that would be great as I recently had to re sub for noir and freshly sub for SoM. Though I do agree that Sleuth as a whole is a great value for the money and really, $16.00 isn't that much for 2 games I don't have time to finish all the daily cases for anways.

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