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The Unwanted Guest

Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin
Tale Spinner

Jan-25-2008 23:21

Two new Scripted Mysteries in one day! I think this might be a first.

If all these long hard scripted mysteries aren't your cup of tea, head on over to New York and take a shot at "The Unwanted Guest" by first time contributor, Lawrence Wargrave.

The Unwanted Guest is a throwback to the original featured mysteries that followed more closely the structure of Random Sleuth Noir cases, but with just a bit more story thrown in. It's an intermediate mystery, and a fairly quick play, but it has enough meat to it for an enjoyable story.

Thanks to Lawrence and the editorial tandem of Anikka and Secret Squirrel.



Story Teller

Jan-26-2008 04:15

Hey now I remember this one. The SM's are blurring into one at the moment. This is in the Buggles2000 style. Anikka's worked hard on these last two ... a lot harder than me. SM's will keep coming too as there a couple more in the pipelines nearly ready to go, (a really really LONG one) and some pretty decent ones waiting.

Washed Up Punter

Jan-28-2008 14:35

Thank you for the new FM, Lawrence!

(btw, when did FMs become SMs? Just can't make that change in my head!)

Nice, straightforward case for our newer players to have fun with. I enjoyed it. :)

Safety Officer

Jan-28-2008 16:06

lol yeah SM's / FM's same diff really. I think I've just gotten used to calling them SM's coz of the 'Scripted Mystery' editor I peer at every time I take out the metaphorical red pen. They all 'feature' it seems.

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