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Sleuth Superstitions
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Brasco De Gama
Brasco De Gama
Old Shoe

Jan-8-2008 17:29

I've noticed how I have picked up certain superstitions when playing Sleuth that help me decide who I'm going to question and who I suspect. Some I'm trying to stop doing. I didn't like going straight back to a suspect who I've used lock picking on because they might realise I broke in (OK... I thought this when I first started playing it because they always seemed to clam). Others are things like positions the suspect appears on the sleuth helper (very top or very bottom seem guilt more often than they should be :/ ).

I was just wondering if anyone else has other susperstitions when they play, like a first name they always suspect or an avatar that always seem to be the killer?



May-25-2008 02:37

AVH superstitions:

When I am on an AVH , there is usually one city that makes me hate it!(for more info , check Evelyn Gardner's profile).
However , in the next AVH that city goes smooth and another city gives me a hell of a hard time!
So , I end up loving them all and hating them all:D.

Also , there seems to be truth on Killer names and I have also discovered something else.When you are down to some suspects , there are some names that catch your eye.Those suspects are the less likely to be the guilty ones :)


Apr-6-2009 16:03

So, I'm going to refer to my old Menkveld superstition.

It started when I noticed the name Ignatius Menkveld while doing a case. For months - over a year, actually - afterward, it seemed my cases were dominated my Menkvelds. Ugh.

Then, one day, I once again found Ignatius Menkveld on my suspect list, and, lo and behold, HE WAS GUILTY!!

And I haven't had a Menveld-dominated case since. Hrmmm.

Adam Carter
Adam Carter
Big Winner

Apr-6-2009 16:36

The biggest thing I have gleamed from doing AVHs, which I guess would count as a superstition, is that no matter how well your VH is going, if you get to the point where you have 3 or less cases when you come to find a co-conspirator, you will always be a case short when it comes to travelling to the next city. I always am at least.

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