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Villain Hunts

Amira Diamond
Amira Diamond
Old Shoe

Jan-5-2008 10:51

I am currently on a villain hunt, my first...need a little information to grasp the concept of the information given during the hunt...

my understanding is there are 5 clues...

mine read as follow: I am in Shanghi

The co-conspirator is a Man...hideout is east of the race track

hideout is north of the race track

hideout is west of the bank

2 suspects...barber and fish monger...

all this is fine and understandable...its the third clue that has me says the hideout is west of the bank...however neither of the suspects are west of the bank...

so if the clues lead you to the co-conspirator what do you do when it gives you a clue that doesnt match either...just wait until you get the 4th and 5th clue and see which suspect it matches...


Cordelia Falco
Cordelia Falco
Battered Shoe

Jan-5-2008 11:29

Draw an imaginary line running north-south through the bank. You should find one of your suspects is west of it, and the other is east.

I remember getting a bit confused with this one as well when I was on my first hunt. It just means 'further west than the bank', rather than directly west of it.

Good hunting!

Amira Diamond
Amira Diamond
Old Shoe

Jan-5-2008 11:37

thank you Cordelia...I looked at the map and thought it might go that way but better safe then sorry...

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