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Bossy Detectives is hiring
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Dec-31-2007 11:31

We are hiring anyone who will be working hard,plays 5days a week,and is wanting to join please post or pm me or Ossain about this ASAP
-Thanks Ms.Briana



Jan-1-2008 20:25

bump officer postions filled 1 officer left


Jan-4-2008 16:07

4 spots are avalible


Jan-6-2008 20:35

in need of members


Jan-8-2008 19:44

I'm a complete 1 day rookie - would you suggest getting more experience before applying?


Jan-11-2008 08:08

Here's Ossain, from Bossy Detectives.

If you are interested in joining us, I would be very very happy to help you in doing so.

You're quite new, as I see.
One of the advantages of an agency is that you can "save" cases to continue another day, or to ask help to another agent.
Another one is the use of the locker: you keep items not currently in use storaged there when you don't want to sell something and you have a lot of equip.

Now, we have to pay the rent, so an Agency would be an investment. Check our site; we have small "fees" to help improve the Headquarters AND pay the rent.

So... if you're intrested, welcome!


Jan-16-2008 17:42

bump,bump Were still hiring Check ut our web but if rent seems high like $5000 the sight is still having technical dificulties
$1000 due the day of joining just to keep the agency going.This applies to ALL members.

Rookie:$250 [Every 2 weeks] or $125 [Every week]
Agent:$500 [Every week]

Officer:$750 [Every week]

Director:$1000[Every week] Note: Founding Directors are free.
The Fees are due by wednesday


Jan-16-2008 17:45

guidlines are 1. If you are planning to be absent for 3+ days please leave a post on the message board.

2. If you are absent for 5+ days and are a director or officer you will be demoted down one level. If you are a agent and are absent for 6+ days you will be demoted to a rookie. if you are a rookie and are absent for 7+ days you will be kicked out. Note:One day prior to eviction from agency you will be sent a notice if you do not reply you will be evicted.

3. If other members complain about you harrassing, using foul language, and ext. So please keep everything Disney G rated (do not say anything Cinderalla or Mickey Mouse wouldn't say).

4. If you would like to be promoted to a higher rank you will need to be an active player say if you are a agent and are very active you will be promoted

5. Any case files that are stored should be labeled with these terms

Free or the faction it is with if someone checks your case out post a note on the message board.
6. Please create an office if you are agent and up.
They are four floors.

The first floor includes kitchen, bathroom, and a rookie room.

The Second floor includes agents offices.

The third floor includes officers offices.

The fourth floor includes Directors offices and a directors lounge which is for directors only7. Please pay fees to safe or me by Wednesday every week.[from now January 1st 2008]

Any items in locker please do NOT sell under no circumstance I not trying to be rude but if they are sold who ever checked them out will pay or resupply them it is ok to check them out to keep but do not sell thank you very much
If we can keep a "Smart Wardrove", with items hand-picked to analyze evidence, so everyone can do a better job at that specific task, I belive we all be more efficient at our job.
Unless you have permission from director or are a director.

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