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gaining contacts in a new city
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Lucky Stiff

Dec-30-2007 19:33

i wonder, if i move from city A to city B before i get all my contacts in city A, then if i subsequently move back to city A, where do i start from in terms of getting contacts again? do i effectively start from scratch in city A or do my previous cases (in city A, +/- in city B) count towards it?


Amira Diamond
Amira Diamond
Old Shoe

Jan-4-2008 08:49

hi Ciara..I think you are misunderstanding what people are trying to tell you...

so let me try...

first of all to travel you need to be subscribed..being subscribed also allows you to join an agency and participate in treasure hunts...getting assistance from other agents with your cases, access to the crimelab, equipment locker and all those good things...

being subscribed also allows you to participate in villain hunts...remember though you should have your contacts in each city before venturing into hunts..they can be extremely expensive...

you need money to purchase an apartment and furniture which is

the merchant has nothing to do with you purchasing an apartment...the merchants are there to assist you with your suspects..(answering questions for you)...

you dont need the fish monger to get an apartment...again just cash..

so...subscribe and enjoy your travels...join an agency and participate in treasure hunts if you wish...and save your money and buy you an apartment...simple as that... is obvious that foshminger was just a misspelling of the word...

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