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Amira Diamond
Amira Diamond
Old Shoe

Dec-28-2007 08:56

what is the 10 mil mark, how do you get to Cairo since it is always under blockade..and where are the tea steepers located...



Dec-28-2007 09:49

The 10 mil mark, are passing 10 million Experience Points.

You can get to Cairo either by getting the skill of Hostage Negotiation (that you can get from a faction called the Tea Steepers), or by using a "Smugglers map to Cairo", which you can get from a faction called the Tigers of Shangri-La.

Both the Tea Steepers and the Shangri-La Tigers are located in Shangri-La.

And, you need a special invitation to be able to travel to Shangri-La.

In order to aquire an invitation to come to Shangri-La, you need to be able to solve a case that is Almost Impossible.

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