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Vampiric Smile
Vampiric Smile
Safety Officer

Dec-23-2007 03:48

For achieving 10 million points, I would like to congratulate Evelyn Gardner .
Evelyn is probably the best Detective in Sleuth world and a very nice person. She is a true VH maniac with over 50 Villains captured and has offered great inspiration to all us new Detectives.
So cheers Evelyn and all the best


Gopher to the Sleuth Gods

Dec-24-2007 09:38

*High five* Evelyn. Keep catchin' those villains.

Evelyn Gardner
Evelyn Gardner
Sleuth About Town

Dec-25-2007 06:02

If you posted about this before I am sorry, but I haven't read it... (I usually don't read the City Hall message board)

VS: It was an unexpected surprise that you opened this thread for me, but thank you very much for your kindness!

Bras: During my next match you will be in my team and I am sure that we will win!!!! ;)

Stooby: It's a white Christmas! -8°C! Do you really want this? LOL

Vel: thank you very much! Miu querido adoro-o também apesar de não estou em Karelek mais ;)

Huglover: nice name for a nice person, thank you very much " even if we don’t know each other yet!!!! But I see your agency do AVH’s that is a very good thing ;)

Jas: ;)

Guiltfinder: new soldier of Karelek, thank you for your post too…

Sophie4: I've run out of things to say :) thank you to you too…

I wish Merry Christmas for everybody!!!


Dec-26-2007 05:27

Thank you, my dear.....
merry christmas for you too....=)

peace and love........and rock'n roll ;)


Old Shoe

Dec-30-2007 11:25

Well - I've only recently checked these boards out - and seeing as everyone is SO nice I shall have to do so more often!

So here's me joining in with the festivities: Welcome to 10mill club! (Do you feel very superior?)

Oh - peace, love ...... and Brahms.

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