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The Better Gift
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*Dr. Lynn*
*Dr. Lynn*

Dec-20-2007 17:30

The better gift is very simple to play. One person thinks up a gift, then the next person has to think up a better gift and so on.
RULES: Each gift needs to be something possible to give. (4 xampl you can't give the world or any thing like that.) If the gift before you isn't the answer to the previous one.
Second don't jump to the good gifts right away. The purpose is to go have the longest game. (I've only reached fifteen, but thats because my friends had to go!)

You can NOT give 2 or more giftss in a row.

The first gift is: a penny to a child

(oh and you need to tell in general who it's to 4xampl poor boy, sibling, rich kid, dog, etc.)


Kevin Greene
Kevin Greene
Old Shoe

Dec-22-2007 00:21

A pack of balloons to go with the $2 to the expectant mother, so she can have a welcoming party in her box.

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