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*Does a happy dance*
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Dec-18-2007 18:19

Okay, first off, to inform those who don't remember/never knew, I am actually female, although my detective/avatar are male. This is because I'm a huge tomboy. Anyhow. Onto the subject at hand, the reason for the happy dance.

As of November 30, 2007, 7:30 PM; Target parking lot, I am officially engaged. :D I so asited. I would tell the story, but it cut me off saying the post had to be less than 2000 characters. And there's no way I can tell the whole story in less than 2000 characters. So, sorry y'all. No story. :( But it was pretty funny, actually. He basically ended up going totally spontaneous at the last minute. The original plan he had went out the window. :P But it was still awesome. So anyhow, now we've set a tentative date for March 1st. This will depend on whether or not we can get everything together by then. We originally thought we'd have the wedding March 8th (the weekend before my birthday), but it turned out that was my cousin's birthday, and we wanted his brother to be the photographer, but he was going to be out of state that day, with his brother. So then we thought the 15th (the weekend after my birthday), but it turns out my aunt's due date for her new baby is the 19th, which is a little too close for comfort. And I wanted her oldest daughter to be my maid of honor, which she wouldn't be able to do if she had to be there helping her mom after the baby's born. So, since we really didn't want to make it any later, we decided we'd try for the 1st.


Kevin Greene
Kevin Greene
Old Shoe

Dec-22-2007 21:33

Congrats! *Does happy dance as well*

*15 mins later, still dancing.*

*30 mins later, still dancing.*

*2 hours later, still dancing.*

*Poops himself.*

:-) Congrats, Teerwak!

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