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I see who is Hiring But who am I a perfect fit with?


Dec-17-2007 17:13

First of all, I am freshly subscribed and intending on playing for awhile. I'm not new to the game but I will be new to some of the concepts introduced during my absence. I am looking for an agency to join that is fairly active but doesn't have impractical expectations of members. Ideally I would like quick cooperation with the family and not have to do without access to the lockers (however you call it) for a very long time, I hope that my history will help to establish some sort of trust between my new team members and myself. If anyone takes interest in this old rusty yet ambitious vet, leave me a reply.

Thanks Bunches,


Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

Dec-17-2007 17:46

Hi there, Blue Pagoda Agency is looking for a Shoe Maker and a Priest, which I see you have both!

Contact me if your interested, and we can talk further!

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