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a query
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Jack Spillany
Jack Spillany

Dec-11-2007 17:20

hi all
I am currently enjoying the game, and have taken a turn at trying to write my own fm. I think this is a great feature.
As yet I have only one query regarding what has become far more difficult than I thought it would be:
(I know you probably heard this a million times before but if you could help me as I am a bit of a newb to the exercise I would apreciate it a thousand times over)

I have read that suspect questions have to be imputed manually but my query is regarding the specific case around the following question:
"Ask whether she has heard or seen anything to make her suspect somebody. "
in the game the question unlocks a series of links/ answers from a suspect that attributes a different answer for each. (or until it unlocks the correct answer)
How would or could I use that question in creating a fm ?(scripted mystery) Would I have to specifically imput each option and/or question and unlock it from the original question? It seems like such a lot of work that I may just ignore the whole question from suspects.

Anyhow, great game, enjoying trying to create my own mystery and look foward to sharing it with you and thank you to any one who actually understand that question and answers it. I will post an update here in the future when I am done and hope you guys all give it a go and let me know what ya think.


Kevin Greene
Kevin Greene
Old Shoe

Dec-13-2007 16:18

I believe he means to ask how to get links to come up when you ask in the random game "Ask whether he/she has heard or seen anything to suspect someone". It's something like that. :-)

Anyway, the answer to that is "no". You can't get the link. That's okay though, you can always just type the question and answer. To make it good, you gotta put a tad extra work in there. :-)

I'm glad you're writing, man! Have fun! :-)

Jack Spillany
Jack Spillany

Dec-14-2007 12:27

thank you for that Kevin and paranoid android I am kinda getting the hang of it and you just cleared that up for me.
I am also noticing that the alibi checks from witnesses arent coming up automatically but I will just insert them manually so that I know they are there. I am just about done now just putting it all together and tidying it out - hopefully I will be putting it up for publishing soon and then take it from there.

thanks again.

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